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Club History
The Tower Hamlets Shotokan Karate club began in 1999 after taking over from a previous Sensei.
The previous Sensei that run the club was our Sensei also but due to to some circumstances he had to leave and GARY DAY took over his role.
Since that time under the reign of Sensei GARY DAY the club has become well known to external clubs and within our own association, the club has also gained in substancail size averaging around 30 students from the ages of 5 upwards each lesson.
One of the clubs main beliefs or outlooks on karate is that you are never too old to do it and we also encourage older people to participate.
The main aim of the club is to teach students to have confidence and use knowledge in everyday life. We don't just teach our students to be the best fighters, we teach our students to think before reacting.
One value we have in our club is that we never go into competitions with trophies as the main prize, if we were to go into competitions it would either be within our club or within our assocation but a stipulation would have to be put in that there would be no trophies envolved because this would backfire on everything we believe and have said about fighting external clubs for trophies.
'One who thinks a trophy is the best prize, never understands the ultimate prize martial arts can give you'
We as a club take this rule and belief from the founder of Shotokan Karate 'Gichin Funakoshi' because he also did not agree with competitions and i also think they show lack of character and respect for martial arts.