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Clubs View on Shotokan

From Hanchi to Renchi, From Renchi to Instructor, from instructor to Student.
From all these different types of people that do martial arts, you will always get similar views on Shotokan Karate except for some personal differences.
To us Shotokan karate is a way of life but not just to improve fitness, or to learn how to defend yourself, but to try and use it to have a greater outlook and understanding on life and everything that we do.
What i mean by this is, if executed and studied correctly,
You can see further than what the world shows.
This example can further explain my meaning;

If you see a tree, you would further see the history of it, the length of time it has been on the earth and even to where it's roots grow.
To someone that doesn't do martial arts they would just see a towering object.

Another way i can explain my meaning is by using 'kata' as an example.
When a student performs a kata they are not doing the moves for nothing, in their mind they have to visualize their opponent/s thus making the movements
more fluent, have character and be performed with meaning.
To someone that doesn't do martial arts they would just see a student doing karate moves on their own.

'Strength in martial arts can always be overcome by understanding and technique'.