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History Of Gichin Funakoshi

There is only one Ultimate Master and founder in Shotokan Karate and that is 'Gichin Funakoshi'. Born in Shuri Okinawa, Funakoshi grew up as any boy in Okinawa but had certain health complcations against him. At this time Funakoshi's parents brought him to Yasutsune Itosu and Yasutsune Azoto's Karate school. Here Funakoshi learned a high degree of Skill, Technique and Mental Discipline. After a certain amount of years Funakoshi finally came to Japan in 1922 and was also an accomplished teacher. Here he washed the dormitory floors where he lived in the day and taught Karate at night. After only a short doing this Funakoshi earned the right to start teaching his own club which he did in Meishojuku. Following this his Shotokan in Mejiro was Finally opened. After some years of Funakoshi journeying around Japan giving lectures and doing demonstrations, gained formal recognition of Karate as one of the Japanese Martial arts by 1941. After this event many clubs flourished in the ways of Karate. 'Gichin Funakoshi' always believed that Kata was everything you needed to do in karate because it taught everything you needed to know as a student. Kata helped Technique, Self discipline, Self confidence and Mental discipline. Three of Funakoshi's students (Miki, Bo and Hirayama) that studied the art thought that Kata practice was not enough and introduced Jiyu Kumite (free sparring), when Funakoshi heard of this he stopped visiting the dojo which was in Shichi-Tokudo. 'Gichin Funakoshi'taught 40 Kata but 16 of these were main Kata and he kept his students on these for a while until letting his students progress onto the more advanced forms. Gichin Funakoshi was a 'man of Toa', he did not belive in Competitions, record breaking or Championships but 'Self Perfection'. The ultimate thing 'Gichin Funakoshi believed in was the respect for all human beings, he was the 'Master of Masters'